Orthopedic Surgery in Glendale

The most common orthopedic injury in dogs involves trauma of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the form of sprains, strains, or complete rupture.  These injuries can result in an unstable knee joint which is painful and will become arthritic.  Surgical stabilization is often required to reduce the pain and to minimize the long-term degenerative arthritis that is likely to develop as a result of the injured ligament.  There are several different procedures currently recommended to reduce instability in the knee.  The procedure performed at Apollo Animal Hospital is the Tightrope Procedure and is classified as an extracapsular procedure. The extracapsular procedure is less invasive and statistically has the same probability of success as other more invasive procedures.  Success is typically measured by improved use of the limb and reduced pain.

Apollo Animal Hospital performs many other orthopedic surgeries in addition to the ACL please call us at 623-939-9445 to set up a consultation.